Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Governors Island (Part One)

In NYC, there’s a small island just south of the tip of Manhattan that is also a city park.
Originally called Paggank, meaning: nut island, it was renamed Governors Island in 1784, which stemmed from colonial times when it was used as a home for New York’s royal governors.
The city provides a free ferry ride (from May through September) from Brooklyn, so I took their hospitable offer, and floated on over.

After docking, we headed over to inspect the old Army YMCA, the barracks, and the military theater, while leaving the best for last.

Walking to the other side of the island, my party came upon Castle Williams (which I will cover at length, as well as post more photos, in Part Two)…

…the old library…

…Fort Jay (not pictured, as its story is upcoming Part Three), the Governor’s Mansion...

...and the South Battery.

Next, and last up, was the creepy children’s fair, but I’m saving that nightmare fuel for the final post (Part Four) in this series.
From the boat, I waved goodbye to the shores of that bizarre little hunk of sand on the Buttermilk Channel of Upper New York Bay.
As uneventful as the trip back home may have been, while I was there the island itself was kinda thrilling.