Monday, September 29, 2014

Governors Island (Part Five)

If you are thinking of visiting the island, the month of September is probably the best time to skim on over.
Every weekend in September (for the past seven years), the island has held the Governors Island Art Fair, organized by 4heads.
Here are a few of the artist's work I admired from the last two years. Click on the images for larger view, or the name of the artist to visit their website.

The 2014 Art Fair

Daniel Baltzer and Mike Glass (with live gerbils)

Thomas Nousias (no website)

Jackie Mock (one of my favorites)

A few other artists I enjoyed this year, but did not photograph were Laurent Fort (who works with reflective light), Aldo Caredda (whose fingerprint work is rather small), the rain forest installation by Chaney Trotter, and Aaron Taylor Kuffner (the piece had as much to do with sound as it did with sight).

The 2013 Art Fair

As usual, I had a great time on the island, and took pictures of much more besides art.