Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Boerum Hill Mosaic House

In Brooklyn's Boerum Hill neighborhood, not far off the Bergen Street stop on the F or G line, is an art project many a local has enjoyed for almost 15 years, which all have dubbed "the Mosaic House".

Found at 108 Wyckoff Street, the project began a little after the 9/11 tragedy, when artist, and head of the Studio Program at Yeshiva University, Susan Gardner, decided to help cheer up her neighborhood.

She began by creating a large mosaic flower, and every summer since, Gardner adds a little more to the facade, in hopes to someday encase her entire brownstone in beads, glass, shells, tiles and buttons.

Gardner has claimed the work to be a celebration of life, and it has caught on, as residents of the neighborhood often leave donations of items to be added.

Before or after visiting the place, also drop by Susan Gardner's website (here) to see other wonderful works this quirky artist has created.