Monday, October 27, 2014

Treasures of the MTA

Yesterday was the 110th anniversary of New York City's subway system.
To celebrate, America's largest transportation network, NYC's Metropolitan Transportation Authority ran old out-of-service train cars from Times Square to the 96th Street station on the 2/3 line.
The MTA ran Low-Voltage Trains, which date from 1915 to 1925, and were in service until 1969, as well as the "Train of Many Colors", which were built in the late 60s and were in service until the mid-80s.

I only caught the Low-Voltage train, as I had to head into work immediately after, but it was a wonderful sight, as well as experience.

The advertisements are of the age, and they even get the employees in proper dress.

Visit the link provided in brackets [MTA] to catch other events they run. While the page is mostly filled with track info, or construction updates, you may sometimes find a gem like this.

I rode one car from 1914 on the trip north, and then one from 1924 when I headed back down.

Happy anniversary, MTA!