Monday, April 28, 2014

Bennett Park

Not sure how I stumbled across this one, but it was back on a visit to enjoy the Washington Heights area to see Mother Cabrini's mummy (see entry for Feb 3, 2014).
About 10 short blocks south of The Cloisters, right across the street from the the 181 Street subway stop's 183rd St exit is Bennett Park.

Named after James Gordon Bennett, Sr. who launched The New York Herald in 1835, the park opened in 1929. Bennett Park is a part of Fort Washington, which was part of the Continental Army's stand against the British during our independence.

The park sometimes holds Revolutionary War reenactments, but what the spot is most known for to locals, is being the highest natural point in Manhattan at 265 ft above sea level.

While admittedly not even the height of skyscrapers New Yorker's are used to, it isn't even the highest point in the entire city, which is actually Staten Island's Todt Hill at 390 feet above the waters.

Still, it was such a nice area to visit, and on such a perfect day...

I decided to cross the George Washington Bridge over into New Jersey, just to say, "Hi!"